Internet discoveries!!1

I have recently discovered Blokada on F-Droid which is an advertisement, tracking and malware blocker for Android.

This app helps protecting your privacy as well as your nerves.

It’s incredibly simple to set up, open source and can be downloaded in F-Droid as well as over the website.

Here is a link to the GitHub repository.

Why would I need that?

As I see it and while the practice of tracking users has become a widespread standard for websites, not everyone wants to give up this part of privacy.

Tracking user movement and interactions on websites and throughout the web makes sense when it is used to deliver better content, remove unnecessary UI and keeps usability standards high but in some cases company will use my data to profit from it when it comes to marketing research and profiling/placement.

Information and time have a value.So if you do not use traffic (which costs as well) and time to download ads, there is more time to actually read news articles and browse the web for content you are here for.

Any alternatives?

There is always the possibility to set up a pi-hole at home where I would have ads blocked throughout the network.

So hand in hand comes a VPN to my home network so that every connection is sinked by pi-hole.

But as far as my understanding goes, this does not block tracking in any manner.

This is where the Brave browser comes in handy (as well as some others).

A browser with built-in ad-blocking and tracking protection, all in one, without extras.

Browser add-ons for Chromium, Chrome, Brave or Firefox derivates like HTTPS Everywhere and uBlock origin will do the trick for people with less know how, possibilities or engagement in the topic.